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Auto Accident

Here at Accident & Injury Chiropractic we have an expert doctor and staff to help you after your unfortunate accident.  Whether it was your fault or someone else was at fault, a small or large accident, you should take the time to get checked out by our Provo Chiropractor.  Wouldn't it be nice to actually sit down and consult one on one with an accident expert?  Our Provo Chiropractor will carefully review your condition to determine how much treatment and what type of treatment is needed.  We also have a unique approach to billing our patients.  Our policy is that after you have been in an accident you don't pay us anything!  How is this possible?  We will simply bill your auto insurance company, period!  If they don't pay then you don't pay.


Life is hard enough, now lets throw in an auto accident or work injury to your already busy life, and it can get overwhelming.  This is exactly why you need our help.  We have designed a "one stop" approach to help with all your accident needs.  Our clinic is open from 9am to 7pm to help accommodate your work schedule.  Trust us, better yet come meet us and you will trust us.  We are not here to take someone's money and then scoot them out the door before they are better just because the insurance company decides not to pay anymore, which happens all too frequently with other chiropractors.  We are here to help you through the entire process, no matter how long it may take.  You could also say that we have seen all the tricks the insurance companies will play with you and with getting your car fixed.


We have seen plenty of bad and good body shops, car rental companies, insurance companies, and even lawyers. Since 99% of our patients have been in a recent auto accident, we talk to them to find out how they are being treated at the above mentioned places.  We have an extensive list, that we are constantly updating, of reputable shops and services that are associated with auto accidents.  Usually we know what you need even before you do.  This is because most of the time people have never been in an auto accident, yet we see auto accident patients five days a week.  We care about you, we want to help you make good decisions through this whole process. Maybe your neighbor, friends or a family member has been in an accident.  They may recommend a medical doctor, Chiropractor, lawyer, or body shop.  Keep in mind that although they may have received good service, what if most other people didn't,  Why don't you allow us to help you through this process, and we can let you know what the general consensus is about each place you are thinking about going.


Anyone can simply "pop or adjust" your body, however after an accident you need to consult with our trained accident doctor.  Our Provo Chiropractor is fully committed with his whole focus, time and energy to treating mild to severe accident patients.  Most Chiropractors usually see 1 to 10 auto accidents patients per year.  At Accident & Injury Chiropractic we treat ten to twenty new auto accident patients per month.  This has helped us perfect the techniques and therapies which will help to heal you fast and with better results.  It is important to see a foot doctor for feet disorders, an eye doctor for eye conditions, and an accident doctor for work and or auto accident. Contact our Provo Chiropractor today and get started on the road to recovery.

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